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Resident Care

Resident progress notes can be recorded daily or on any schedule required by your community needs. Staff can use this feature at point of care without duplicating documentation on paper and computer.

Once the progress note is saved an instant email notification is sent to resident’s responsible party as well as third party provider detailing the progress note along with any documentation attached to the progress note; lab results, new medication order, etc.


Vitals and Weight Tracking

Vital signs, blood sugar, and weight can be tracked and charted for identifying patterns and compliance with state regulations. Optionally, vital sign information and other health measures can be collected charted and monitored. Notifications are systematically sent out for month to month variations of 6% or greater.

Incident Recording and Tracking Logs

Staff is able to create incident reports without writing information in multiple forms. The software tracks all incident reports and the user is able to create a log and monitor incidents while being compliant with state regulations. Pre-determined safety measures/corrective action plans will automatically generate based on the level of risk determined by assessment.


Features, cont...

Communities need scheduling software that is flexible and easy to implement. Our scheduling feature is proven to simplify the scheduling and communication of staff schedules in all departments. It includes everything you need to schedule your staff quickly and efficiently. Your organization can be up and running in hours not days.

Control Overtime

This feature displays a real-time view of total hours scheduled by employee across all schedules, allowing you to be proactive and make informed staffing decisions.

Reduce Scheduling

Reduce the amount of time you spend scheduling by up to 75%. You can automatically rotate and copy schedules by individual or group in a matter of seconds.

Calculate Staff Coverage Instantly

Fill any scheduling gap quickly and efficiently. Ensure you have the correct number of staff scheduled at the right place and time based on shift count, acuity or any staffing requirement. Instantly see if you're over- or under- staffed.

Communicate Instantly with Staff

Keep staff up to date with instant text and email messages. Choose who receives messages by position, shift, skill, availability or certification. An easy and effortless way to handle call offs and last minute schedule changes.


Manage Time Off & Schedule Requests

Specific permissions allow your staff to submit time-off and schedule requests online. Instantly see if a time-off request conflicts with any previously scheduled shifts. Your staff can submit schedule requests to cover open shifts, swap shifts or request additional hours.


Share and manage employees and schedules across departments, divisions, facilities or entire organization. Instantly see who is scheduled regardless of where they are scheduled.


MyALFManager can automate and streamline the process of construing regulations into requirements to help organizations achieve a comprehensive view of regulatory compliance across city, county and state requirements.


The software includes comprehensive and customizable alerts and notification option along with reports and graphs to monitor and ensure all requirements are met for both administrative and clinical compliance.


MyALFManager dietary module allows the user to generate daily and weekly menus. The software tracks and monitors inventory and has the capability of generating grocery lists based off of menus and current inventory. This module tracks and monitors residents dietary requirements and meals and generates state required dietary roasters.


MyALFManager software includes and Enrichment Program Interface that provides an assessment as well as a questionnaire with valuable data about residents based upon topics of interest. This data allows the community to provide programming relevant to the specific resident population. The data is also used to pair residents with others similar to their likes, backgrounds, family relations, careers. This module tracks and monitors resident census of activity participation on a daily/weekly/monthly period allowing trend analysis on activities and participation.

Referrals Management

MyALFManager includes a comprehensive prospect management and referral tracking module. Leads can be captured and tracked in a central place. Follow-up activities can be scheduled, managed and tracked. Reports such as Leads by Stage, Leads by Status, Leads by Class, Leads by Source Group, Leads by Referral Source, etc. can be viewed. MyALFManager also includes a marketing contacts management and marketing activities / tasks / notes module. Marketing Calendar provides a quick view of planned and pending marketing task. Alert notifications can also be setup for marketing activities.

Department Request

MyALFManager software includes comprehensive department request. Staff and residents/family members can log service requests and track the progress of the services. Service requests sends instant notifications to department supervisor.

Accounts Receivables, and Electronic Check Processing

MyALFManager includes a comprehensive billing / invoicing module. A billing summary can also be created automatically by the system based on the service plan, care level, supplies and other billable items. The billing data is dynamically exported to QuickBooks (resident monthly invoices are automatically generated in QB) for integration with the accounting application. The resident invoicing process can be reduced to a matter of minutes rather then hours.

Additional Services
Expenses / Supplies Tracking and Billing

Many communities keep separate records of supplies, additional / optional services, expenses, etc. and include in the resident invoice every month. Examples include Guest meals, Incontinence supplies, Move-in supplies, Additional transportation trips, Salon charges, etc. MyALFManager includes a simple Services / Supplies / Expenses tracking module. These additional items are automatically posted to the respective residents’ invoices without additional data entry interesting accuracy of billing additional services and minimizing less revenue.

Family Access

Family members and caregivers can be provided with required access to the senior care information such as activities, billing, progress notes, dietary menus, vital signs, etc. Each facility administrator can control what they can share with the family caregivers to keep them posted with their loved one’s activities and status.


Alerts and Notifications

MyALFManager software includes comprehensive and customizable alerts and notification option for both staff members and resident’s responsible party based on your community’s needs. Alert notifications can be delivered via SMS text and/ or email messages.

Comprehensive Documents Storage and Access In One Location

MyALFManager software includes electronic Document Storage and Access management module to store and access documents related to (1) Residents, (2) Employees, and (3) Facility administration.

Resident have electronic charts where documents such as agreements, wills, power of attorneys, physician documents, lab documents, etc. are scanned and stored in the MyALFManger cloud for secure storage and quick access.

Facility administration and staff related digital document copies also can be stored in the MyALFManager cloud module and accessed quickly.


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Robust Data Security

The software is fully cloud based and hosted in secure data centers with HIPAA compliant security.

Maintenance Free

There is no need for any upfront investment in hardware and virtually no maintenance, as we take care of the day-to-day cloud data backup and maintenance operations management.

MyALFManager is continually being updated based on industry best practices and other customer requirements and preferences. As a result your community software will never be outdated.

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Our hands-on approach begins with implementation, when we’ll work with key staff within your organization to get a comprehensive understanding of your daily operations.

We’ll also sit down with your executives to understand your goals and long-term plans. To ensure maximum adoption, we’ll work with you to fully train your staff, maintaining interest by incorporating key adult learning principles and utilizing role-based curriculum.

Customer Support: We offer live support from 9AM to 5PM M-F East Standard time. Support personnel are well versed in all aspects of the software and technology. Email support is available 24/7 although only critical issues are addressed outside the normal support hours. The support can be in the form of email, telephone, or chat.

As part of our services, we offer:

  • Custom Graphic Design and printing for the facility's forms
  • Pre designed templates for care centers Web hosting
  • Online Training and live
  • Unlimited secure cloud-based storage

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